UK Mortgage Company goes Bankrupt

The first signs of the sub prime mortgage crisis spreading to Britain was suggested as a UK specialist sub prime mortgage lender went out of business.

Victoria Mortgage Funding, become the first UK company to close. Their failure is strongly related to the global credit crisis. The business was taken over by KPMG

Victoria Mortgages, specialised in the risky adverse credit and sub prime mortgage sector. It would then sell its debt to investors. However, with the collapse in confidence in sub prime lending, they have been unable to find investors willing to take on the risky mortgage debt.


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Anonymous said...

I would be interested in reading your thoughts on the following post. Basically she says the credit crunch is not really a subprime problem but an ARM problem. What do you think?

I get your rss feed so I will see if you blog about this. Thanks for the blog.

September 11, 2007 at 11:03 AM  

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